Workshops and Conferences

The Miniworkshop on Complex Systems Studies

November 7 (Sat), 2015
Bldg 56, Room 106, Seoul National University

Mini-Workshop in Seoul by Center for Complex Systems Studies and CTP.
G.Chen (City University of Hong Kong), K.-I. Goh (Korea University), J. Park (KAIST), B.-H. Wang (University of Science and Technology of China), B.J. Kim (SKKU), S. Yook (KyungHee University), Z. Di (Beijing Normal University), B. Kahng (Seoul National Univ).

Recent Events

6th IACS-APCTP Joint Conference on Novel Oxide Materials and Low Dimensional Systems

December 17-20 (Thu-Sat), 2014
CTP, Sangsan Mathematical Building, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Novel and emergent materials have attracted major interest in condensed matter research because of their wide ranging physical properties that are not only important for basic research but also for various applications. The major purpose of this conference is to present and discuss about cutting-edge theoretical work on novel and emergent materials that will include multiferroics, novel iron based superconductors, graphene and topological insulators. In particular, Graphene and topological insulators constitute a novel class of materials in condensed matter physics whose low-energy quasiparticles obey Dirac-like, rather than Schrodinger like, equations. Consequently, they display a host of novel features such as unconventional quantum Hall effect, Klein paradox, transmission resonance, magnetic switching, possible presence of Majorana Fermions as low-energy modes, and possible realization of axion electrodynamics in condensed matter systems. The main purpose of the present meeting will be to discuss about recent progresses in theory (both ab-initio as well as many-body approaches) to understand these novel materials. The conference will also have special talks by leading experimentalists in the Asia Pacific region working in the area mentioned above.

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