About CTP

The Center for Theoretical Physics at Seoul National University aims to promote research activities in theoretical physics in Korea. About 25 physicists are participating in various programs and carrying out current research to make CTP an internationally renowned institution of theoretical physics.


Director: Professor Hyungdo Kim

CTP was established in April, 1990, as one of the Science Research Centers funded by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation. It is a multidisciplinary community of faculty, scientists and students of Seoul National University joined by collaborating members. The ultimate aim of CTP is to find new phenomena in physical sciences through high standards of theoretical reasoning. This is done by pursuing better understanding of known phenomena and offering quality teaching of high-level theoretical physics. The CTP programs also emphasize lecture series by internationally established scientists, workshops, symposia and seminars, to share recent developments.

Some activities at CTP include: Winter School on Theoretical Physics, Mt.Sorak Symposium on Theoretical Physics, Symposium on Nuclear Physics, Symposium on Condensed Matter Physics, Winter School on Mathematical Physics, and Workshop on Statistical Physics. Some of these are joint programs of CTP and Korea Institute for Advanced Study. CTP also plans to organize lecture series on topical subjects. You can find a list of events here.

CTP recognizes the importance of human interactions for the advancement of theoretical physics and supports several cooperation programs. CTP supports attending overseas conferences, research collaborations, and visiting researchers' accommodation.